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“He hit me first, Mr. Lee!”
“I’m sure he did, Bradley. I believe you. But what did Jesus say about that?”
He didn’t know. No one in the class seemed to know—or wouldn’t admit it if they did...
So you know how the book is arranged.
I Can Only Teach You What You Want to Learn 
“Mr. Lee, do you have a pencil I can borrow?”
“Sure, right here.” I stepped over to my desk...

A Parable on Preparing

I Can’t Play That !
“Mr. Lee, I can’t play that!” Jessica plopped her flute on her lap and pouted.
“Yes, you can. Don’t say ‘can’t’—not in my classroom...

A Parable on Practicing

We Have to Perform 
“Mr. Lee, do we have to have a concert? Why can’t we just have band class but no concerts?” 

A Parable on Performing

Concert Debrief 
“What did you think of our performance last night? What went well? What went poorly?”
The classroom erupted in a cacophony of chaos... 

A Parable on Reflecting

Where Do You Go from Here? 
“That was beautiful,” I whispered.
The high school band had just played through the Pavane, Opus 50, by Gabriel Faure. It ends so delicately...

A Parable on Redirecting

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